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Waste Incineration Plants:

KVA Thun - Switzerland

KVA Giubasco - Switzerland

KVA Hinwil - Switzerland

KVA Perlen – Switzerland

KVA Horgen - Switzerland

TAN Nürnberg - Germany

TAV Zorbau - Germany

TAV Ludwigslust -Germany

RABA Erfurt - Germany

EVZA Strassfurt - Germany

MHKW Bamberg - Germany

MVA Bonn - Germany

EEW Leudelange - Luxembourg

MVA Zistersdorf - Austria

BIR Bergen - Norway

MVA Heimdal - Norway

KVA Argenteuil - France

KVA Angers - France

KVA Issy-les-Moulineaux - France

KVA Sète - France

KVA Le Mans - France

KVA Pithiviers - France

HVC Alkmaar - Netherlands

KVA Mallorca - Spain

RRR Belvedere (London) – Great Britain 

ERF Newhaven - Grossbritannien Cleveland 4+5 - Great Britain 

Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility (Buckinghamshire) - Great Britain 

Severnside Energy Recovery Centre - Great Britain  

KVA Vaasa - Finland

KVA Vantaa - Finland

KVA Roskilde - Denmark

KVA Trezzo Milano - Italy 

Uppsala Värme Vattenfall AB - Sweden


Telecommunication Masts

The assemblies of telecommunication masts with heights from 5 to 85 meters are mainly done in Switzerland and Germany. 


Industrial Heating Plants for Pellets and Electrofilters

The assemblies of the industrial heating plants with an output from 400 to 1900 kW  and electrofilters are mainly done in Switzerland. We have also realised single projects in Poland, France, Finland, and Hungary.